DREAM PHAZE 2018 Cover Art Competition

Project Brief: Create artwork for the cover of DREAM PHAZE – Imagination (series two)


  • A character in DREAM PHAZE - Imagination (series two) named after the winner

  • Credited in all episodes, the ebook and print editions of the series

  • Copy of eBook one: DREAM PHAZE – Germination

  • 12-episode subscription to DREAM PHAZE - Imagination

Criteria for entry

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Artwork must be original  

  • Artist must own the copyright

  • A sleeping face must appear in the artwork (refer to DREAM PHAZE - Germination cover)

  • Artwork must be in colour

  • Artwork must be an RGB file for web purposes

  • Artwork file must be a jpeg and no larger than 25mb

  • Artwork size must be 3600 px Wide x 2700 px High

  • Minimum resolution of 300 ppi  (pixels per inch)

  • Closing date midnight 15th December 2018 - Sydney, Australia time

Terms & Conditions

  • The winning artist retains copyright to their artwork without exception

  • The winning artist will be credited in the episodes, ebook and print editions of the series

  • By entering this art competition, the artist is granting Red Giant Publishing (DREAM  PHAZE publisher) a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce images of the winning artwork for use on our websites, online episode cover, ebook cover, print cover, website promotion, social media promotion and publicity.

  • Red Giant Publishing does not keep, retain or use for any purpose entries that do not win.

  • Winner will be notified on 17th December 2018 

How to enter

  • Entry is free

  • Read the first free episode of DREAM PHAZE - Germination to get a feel for the story

  • One entry form per artwork. Artwork file name must contain your surname. Example: Surname.jpg

  • If you enter multiple artworks you need to complete an entry form for each artwork. The file name must include your surname plus #1, #2, #3 etc. Example: Ms Jones enters two artworks, so she completes the first entry form then uploads her first artwork file named Jones #1. She then completes a second entry form and uploads the second artwork file named Jones #2.

  • There is a two-step process for entry. 1. Fill in the form below then click submit 2. Click red 'Secure File Upload' button to upload your artwork file - NOTE  your artwork file name must contain your surname.

  • Wait for the file to upload in next window. It will say '100%' when completed. Time will vary depending upload speeds. Close the window.

  • We will send you a confirmation email stating we have received your entry and artwork - this may take up to 24 hrs.

Enter Competition

You must be 18 years or older to enter

Thanks for entering, now upload your artwork file 

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