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"A turbocharged adventure fueled by sibling rivalry, angsty athletes, and unadulterated adrenaline. Competition collides with familial bonds in a story where more than a trophy is on the line. Readers are offered the best seats in the house in a narrative powered by aerial excitement and pulse-pounding close calls. Meticulously described rotocraft octocopters and state-of-the-art accompaniments will appeal to gearheads while evolved societal ideals and fiery relationship turmoil makes the story approachable for a wide audience." 5-Star review by R.C Gibson for Indies Today. Read the full review -


Reader's Favorite 5 Star reviews

The thrill of NASCAR meets futuristic aviation in the imaginative SkyRacers novella. Read all the 5 Star reviews  -

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An exhilarating novella from start to finish, ‘SkyRacers’ is cleverly constructed and highly
recommended! Read the full review on BookViral -


Booklife (Publishers Weekly) A-Rated review

“A dramatic, high-flying sci-fi racer with vivid, convincing worldbuilding. There is a living, vivid world full of excitement and drama lurking under the hood of SkyRacers, developed with care and convincing detail, plus compelling scenes of race action—including moments of great danger and surprise—that truly warrant the term “high-octane.” The prose is crisp, and the technology and racing points system are developed with extraordinary clarity and care, right down to charts of pilots’ official standings.” Read the full review on Booklife (Publishers Weekly)


Kirkus Review

“Razor-sharp characters at odds boost this entertaining, tech-savvy tale. Watters excels at detailing much of the chic futuristic technology, be it the pods during races or details of life outside the Grand Prix.” Kirkus Review. Read the full review on Kirkus Reviews -

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