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A novella by Matt Watters

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SkyRacers is a sci-fi sports-action drama

SkyRacers is a new novella from award winning author Matt Watters, creator of the Dream Phaze series.


SkyRace Grand Prix is a young, raw sport captivating and

exciting insiders, superfans and the wider aircar flying public.

A SkyRace GP racepod, an octocopter, is an Electric Vertical Take- Off and Landing (EVTOL) aircraft. The fusion of a Formula E race car, a precision racing plane and a helicopter. Motorsports has taken off...

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48 pilots risk it all for glory in one of the most watched sporting events on the planet, the SkyRace Grand Prix. In the near future, sisters Aleeza and Olivia Martin fly for the same racing team before one is headhunted by an opposing team. Rivalry between them builds before the much anticipated clash results in tragedy.

Imagine Star Wars podracing meets Gran Turismo!

SkyRacers is set within the

DREAM PHAZE universe, however, this is a standalone story.

SkyRacers '49 
Book 2 is coming!
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